Lothar Guderian

The generic term which could be used to categorise my work ist "concrete art".
But what exactly is "concrete art"?

The term can be traced back to the "Art Concret" art group founded by Dutch painter
Theo van Doesberg. A fellow comrade-in-arms was Piet Mondrian. That was in the
year 1917.

What was this group all about?

The main concern of the group was absolute clarity, getting away from representational
and naturalistic material.

Van Doesberg's concern was to unify art and life – an approach which is also very
important to me.

COMPLEXITY – these days, everything is interwoven. The lovely word "globalisation" is
the evidence of one reality of our age. And, when I use packaging and advertising material
made of cardboard - which would normally end up in the bin - to make pictorial objects,
then that plays a significant role not only in environmental consciousness but also, and in
particular, in encountering other cultures.

My raw material usually has undergone a long journey before it gets turned into art:
It comes from Europe, Asia, Arabic and other countries.

Van Doesberg believed that the creative spirit could not be represented by abstract objects
– and most definitely not be represented figuratively.

With my works - especially the white ones - I keep true this claim.

The purely plastic basic elements are constructed; a certain order is applied and intended.
Light and shadow are integrated into an aesthetic pictorial world in which planes (flat areas
of colour) and space find come together in a harmonious balance.

In an age in which we are flooded with visual stimuli - even to the point of being aggressively
besieged by them - I would like to invite you to come on a new visual journey.

Lothar Guderian